Why You Should Always Carry The Number of a Roadside Assistance Service Provider With You

You Never Know When You Need an Emergency Local Towing Service

Unfortunately, the vehicle owners who always have the business card of a local towing service provider with them are not too many. This is why, in most cases when people need emergency roadside assistance, they lose a lot of time looking for a specialist . For this reason, we have decided to dedicate our first post to explaining to the local drivers why they need to carry the contact details of a tow truck owner with them.

Here are a few of them:

  • Emergency Towing ServiceIf you need post collision roadside assistance or your car needs to be taken to a safe location in order to unblock the traffic, you will most probably not have the time to search for the most affordable local towing offer. Instead, you will simply call the first contractor that you hear about, and you may get seriously ripped off as a result. If you spend some time researching which local companies offer reasonably priced services and you get their numbers, your chances of being scammed are lower.
  • Besides calling help for yourself, it may happen that you will need to help someone else that is in trouble. If you see another driver being stuck in the middle of the road due to vehicle problems, you may give him information about a local towing service provider and help them solve their problem faster.
  • You may also help a friend of yours who calls you over the phone asking for roadside assistance service recommendations.

If you want to be sure that you will get a reasonable local towing offer, save this number: (651) 776-6810. This is the emergency contact hotline of East Side Towing, based in South St Paul, MN. We promise to safely tow your vehicle to the nearest mechanic as soon as you call us!


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